Friday, November 26, 2010

EMU, sickness and crazy chickens!

Last weekend we headed to Virginia so Erica could spend some time at Eastern Mennonite University. On the way down, I ended up getting sick with a horrid head cold and a cough that just wouldn't quit. We got word on the way down that my sister in law was also sick with the flu! So the weekend was off to a great start! The tour of the college was great and Erica is strongly considering this as the place to spend the next 4 years! Uncle Mitch and Aunt Gina took her to a basketball game on Friday night and then on Saturday, Erica and Uncle Mitch caught another game. She really likes it there and I think the closeness of Uncle Mitch and Aunt Gina is a great plus. She is looking at studying church and youth ministry.

The ride down was filled with me coughing, Chris wanting to stop for food, and both kids putting the back windows down and yelling, "bass note" as my vehicle "buffers" very loudly when only 1 window is down. This forced me to be mean and lock the windows!

When we returned home, we found this lovely chicken gracing our porch! We never worry about robbers when we go away, just the pranksters!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Look what showed up in my flower bed!!!!!
I finally went to a Ladie's Game Night at our church and when I returned and pulled in our drive, I almost jumped out of my seat!!! I'd been pranked! I love this guy and laugh every time I pull in my drive! So many compliments too! The neighbor kids love him and have gotten a few ideas of their watch might be next!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Scott had his intrathecal pump surgically implanted last Friday! As of today....I'm happy to say, it is WORKING!!!! He is walking without a WALKER for the first time in almost 10 months! We are so thankful, we don't even know how to act. After his appt., we stopped at a couple stores, then ate an early Sweetest Day supper at the Macaroni Grill! Delicious. We are so thankful for all your prayers. He is still healing from surgery and may have some ups and downs, but for right now....LIFE IS GOOD!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Elephants, cats and rain in the living room.....

Those are just a few of the hallucinations we have had to deal with since Mom's surgery! While Mom was in the hospital, I felt she was a little confused, due to some odd texts she had sent....but figured that was normal for hospital life and didn't worry about it too much! Maybe I should have.....since things got totally out of control after she was home! She cannot remember coming home from the hospital, but after she was home a couple days, she decided she was a burden to Dad and ended up falling as she she was getting things out of the fridge to make supper. I took her to the ER, as her surgeon was in surgery the next 3 days and her family Dr. was off on that particular day. Nothing broken or messed up from the fall, thank goodness! That's when things started getting even crazier! She started seeing "spots" on all the walls and furniture, elephants with cats on chairs in the living room, and every night around 8pm, it started to rain in the living room! She was so mad that no one would take her to a motel, and since she had her surgery she had not slept a total of 24 hours! This added to the hallucinations. Long story short, no matter what we did, she still saw these things and consoling her was very hard. After talking to the family Dr. we decided to take her off her pain meds and muscle relaxants and see if that would help. It didn't happen overnight, but eventually, MOM returned! Really scary times! Wasn't sure how we would get thru this, but by the grace of God, we did!
She is now loving life, remembers all the hallucinations, and we are able to laugh about them! She loves company, (if they don't stay too long) and loves mail! So send her a card, give her a call, or stop in and visit for a bit!

Monday, August 16, 2010


We decided to make a quick trip to Virginia to see my brother and his wife and cool dogs! Wasn't sure how great Scott would travel, but thought if we would stop every hour for him to walk, he would possibly be tolerable enough to make it. Just wanted to get away a bit before he goes in the hospital and before Mom's surgery. Check out the pics and see the cool skate park we visited in the small town of Stanley! This is close to Mitch and Gina's cabin and we knew it was there, but figured it would be really small since the town is so small. Imagine our surprise when we walked back there and found an awesome bowl for Chris to skate in!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tree Trouble!

Our favorite tree that provided lots of shade or A/C split during a storm and gently laid to rest on our deck! That created a huge problem for relief from the hot sun during the heat of the day.

New Covered Deck

Since the tree split, we felt we needed to do something to help shade the house and give Scott a nice place to hang out in the heat of the summer! We are lovin' it! We put a red metal roof on it and the sound when it rains is amazing!


We finally have a date for Scott to go into the Cleveland Clinic for a trial of the intrathecal pump, that hopefully will give him LOTS of pain relief! August 25th, Scott and I will be going to the Clinic for 3-5 days. This will be a trial to see if it looks like the pump will be a good option for him. Please pray that this works. The past days with extreme heat and humidity have been a huge challenge for him. Along with the pain, he has had a lot of swelling....but I think we all feel rather swollen right now from the difficult weather we have been having. We don't have air conditioning, so we have been hanging out on our newly roofed deck a lot with fans blowing! Feel free to invite us in for a meal if you have air! :) We try to cook but have been hitting restaurants a lot lately. Just a nice break from the heat!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Waiting has to be one of the hardest things to endure....waiting for the ice cream truck, waiting for Christmas, waiting for your birthday, waiting for a new baby to be born, waiting for a test get the point. Well right now, it seems like all we do is wait! That goes for my family as well as for my Mom! Her surgery was scheduled for July 1st. We thought that day would never get here....and then came the phone call....your surgery has been moved to Sept. 7th!!!! What???? The Dr. has to go out of town for 10 days, so that somehow moved her back a LOT longer than 10 days. I have called her Dr. and we are WAITING to see if they will move her up even a couple weeks. At the Beck household, we are WAITING while the new Dr. learns to know us and will discuss implanting an intrathecal pump in Scott to deliver pain meds all the time to him. At this point, the waiting is getting rather old!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Do you ever wonder why......some people have to suffer so much.....the best pets can't last forever.....the ways of God are such a mystery to us.....some people seem to be so ugly to others, yet nothing bad happens to them? I could go on and on right now, as my heart is heavy. My hubby is hurting soooo badly that it just seems no matter how hard we try, we just can't find the answers. The Dr.'s keep trying, but his spirits are tough to keep up when the pain is so bad. I have an uncle who is also suffering soooo much right now. It just doesn't seem fair! My Mom is struggling with pain and waiting for surgery, our neighbor just had surgery for lump on his head and another good friend is awaiting surgery on Tuesday while her daughter is having her graduation party on Saturday! Some days I'd like to scream, but other days I just dig in and try to keep everyone's spirits up, even when mine would love to take a nose dive. I just have to hold on to my faith and know His ways are not ours, but it sure is hard some days!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Watching the news lately has really been a challenge. I hate the fact that all they share are the shootings, murders, rapes, sad, and depressing stories. I realize these are the headline grabbers, but what about those news stories that are just plain funny! When we go to Cleveland we listen to the radio and one of my favorite parts is when they talk about "News we didn't use"! It's stories that were "humorous, odd, heart-warming" that just didn't make the "shock value" that our news folk seem to deem necessary. One headliner that has really gotten me upset the past couple days is the parking attendant who was shot 3 times because he wouldn't let some guy (who wasn't handicapped) park in a handicapped spot! Did you ever park in one 'cause it would only take a minute or 2? Did you ever need one (as we always do) and couldn't find one???? That is one of my biggest pet peeves! I do NOT use the spaces when my hubby is not leaving the vehicle or is not along. At times he is able to walk, but we still park in handicap, because he is at risk of falling. Do you have any clue how many times we've had people cuss at us or flip us the "bird" because it wasn't obvious to them that he had a handicap? Don't judge others, but please don't park where you don't belong....not even just for a few minutes!
So keep your ears open for the "good news" and try not to let the bad junk get you down. There is always good in our world, we just have to look to find it at times. So for now I leave you, I am on a mission to get the good people of Cleveland to help the poor homeless man that I take food to whenever we go to Cleveland. Surely someone could help this guy. He looks pleasant and always says "thank you and God bless you" when I give him a bag of food. There is a story that I think could have a very happy ending!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday was D day, the day I was supposed to call the Pain Management Dr.'s office to see how soon we could get Scott in for another RFA treatment. The Dr. had been out of town and was to return yesterday, so when I called the secretary tells me...he was stuck in the New Jersey airport overnight! Just got in to Cleveland this morning, has been behind all day, but said to put Scott on the schedule ASAP. When she checked, she asked if today would suit!!!!????? Today???? Of course! I was shocked! Worked this morning for a couple hours, then ran to Hershey's bakery for 2 dozen fry pies to butter up the nurses (oh yeah, I baked brownies last night for the awesome secretary) then headed up the highway! Procedure went well, pain is greatly reduced...still having some, but that may be due to the wicked weather in the area....time will tell.
Next we headed to Aultman to visit my uncle! He was doing a LOT better today and we had a great visit. I had put Scott in a wheelchair, just to be on the safe side. When we left, 2 nice gentlemen held the elevator doors open for us. As we got in, I smelled something kind of funny? When we left and started down the hall, I asked Scott, did you cause that smell????? He said, NO, I wondered which one did it! :) So if you are nice enough to hold open an elevator door for someone.....please keep your smells to yourself...I'm just sayin'!
On one last note, please keep my mother in your prayers...she will be having back surgery on July 1st.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday I traveled to Cleveland for pleasure! I took Erica and my cousin and her daughter and we enjoyed the Trans Siberian Orchestra presenting "Beethoven's Last Night"! Seats were awesome, 4 rows from the front and the entire performance was amazing! We have been going to the Quiken Loans arena the past 3 years at Christmas time to see their show and this is the first time they did the Beethoven show and this time it was at the Palace Theater at Playhouse Square in Cleveland. The atmosphere and beauty of the building is so wonderful. It's like stepping back in time! We are checking into the backstage tours to enjoy even more of the theater. If anyone is interested in going along, please let me know. I also bought tickets for Phantom of the Opera while we were there. That show is in late July and early August, but the tickets will sell out fast! Glad I grabbed 'em while I could!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy Cows and Red Jammies

What a crazy night...but then aren't they all at the Beck house??? Anyway, last night I was really tired, so I put my jammies on around 6:30 p.m. Ready to relax the evening away. Then came a knock at the door and it was the neighbor who told me to grab my keys she needs help...there were cows all over our yard. Earlier I had heard our little dog yapping up a storm...nothing new there! Chris had put the dogs in their kennel early, as it was starting to rain, and Sobe likes to bark at everything in the free world. Well, this time, she had good reason. There was a stampede in our yard and I had no clue! So we took off for the farmer who owns them (my brother-in-law) would say he's not really a neighbor, and told him his cows were loose and were aerating our lawn! Now this wasn't all bad, as Chris has it pretty well packed down from riding the 4 wheeler. Anyway, the neighbor who sounded the alarm had to go to a baby shower, so I stayed out with her son (in my red jammies) to try to keep the cows at bay! At one point he said, "sure hope there's not a bull in there", and said, "hey, I'm wearing red!" Then I asked him what he would do if there was a bull and he calmly told me "RUN"! :0 Well, no bull was there, and soon the farmer showed up to calmly whistle at the cows to get them to cooperate. I was mooing, to no avail, and all he did was whistle! I made a mental note to grab a coat to cover the red jammies next was a bit chilly last night!

Oh yeah, in the previous post I said Erica had a virus....well, she did, but then Saturday night/early Sunday morning she woke me saying she had barfed!!! Well, that continued for quite a few hours....and if you remember my new meds are causing nausea....and that is NOT a good combination! But we survived! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


As usual, life at the Beck house has been full of adventure! Since the beginning of February, I have had constant jaw pain. First I was to the Dr. who thought maybe a sinus infection...took those meds, not better...then to the dentist...panoramic x-ray, no problems there...maybe you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, try a bite thing to wear at night....that didn't help either...back to the Dr. who is my regular Dr. (couldn't see her the first time, as she was out that day)! She questioned me a LOT, then told me she had a couple thoughts and would research it and call me with her idea. When she called me (at 6 pm) she said she felt it was inflammation of the nerves in the side of my face. At times the pain shoots up into my ear and down my neck. She felt I needed to see my neurologist in Cleveland, who treated an eye problem I had a few years ago. When I saw the neruo, they agreed with my Dr. and started me on some medicine that will hopefully resolve the problem. The biggest problem makes me horrible tired and nauseous!!! It has gotten somewhat better since I started taking it, but what a mess! As for the rest of the family, Chris just had his 4 wisdom teeth taken out and is very sore. He's not complaining about anything except the fact that he can't eat non-stop like he's used to....and, he has to be rather selective in what he eats. Erica has had an on-going virus issue and is finally starting to feel a little better.

Scott is another chapter in this story! He has had horrible pain for the past 3 months. We have gotten out very little, as it just hurts too much. This past Monday we were to Cleveland where he had radio frequency ablation. Success at last! His pain was so high when we went in, he was using 2 crutches to get around. When we left, he was walking with very little pain and no crutches! Alas, the success was short lived. Last night Scott was working in his workshop....when he finished and started to clean things up, something hit his leg very hard which caused him to fall to the floor. He hollered for help and our neighbor boy heard him, checked on him and immediately got his Dad. I was resting in the living room and the kids were at church....and Scott didn't want to bother me, as I've been feeling so bad lately. Long story short, the neighbor helped him up, onto his scooter and then he came into the house, where I found out what happened! Poor guy! Just can't seem to catch a break around this house. So needless to say, we have not been having the happiest days! Thankfully our church family has been bringing some meals in to help allow me to rest. This too shall pass,...just wish it would hurry the heck up!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

To the Mall!

Yesterday when the kids got home, we decided to hit the road for a trip to the mall. Loaded up Scott's scooter, 4 kids, me and off we went. The main goal was to look at Prom dresses, but we didn't find many at Belden Village. Ate at the food court, shopped in a couple other stores and headed home. Pain level went up a LOT for Scott, but it was nice to get out for something other than the Dr.!

As for his pain issue, we met with the Dr. after his nerve block on Monday. He told us that we will not be able to continue doing the blocks, as this particular nerve is very resilient and it will start breaking thru the block! Sad day....anyway, the Dr. suggested we try RFA (radio frequency ablation). In this treatment, they go into the same area and find the nerve that is causing so much pain, then heat it to try to stop the pain signals. This may last for a couple months at a time. We will have to wait until his pain is pretty regular again (which may not be much longer) and then go in for this procedure. He has to be able to feel the pain so he knows if they are hitting the right nerve. I asked the Dr. about the pain he has been having in his left knee. He said that is the same nerve looking for a new place to cause pain!!!! Really a pain in the butt, if you ask me! But the Dr. isn't giving up hope and we will continue to try to keep Scott comfortable. Trips to Cleveland at least get us out of the house.

On the plus side, we have been blessed with TONS of snow! It's sooooo beautiful around here right now. Forecast says we may be getting more by the beginning of the week! :)

Friday, January 29, 2010


Chronic pain is a pain....just as simple as that sounds, it can change everything you do and how you view life! It's hard to stay focused and to be in a good mood when you live in constat pain, and when that pain level escalates, it's even harder. That's what we've been dealing with at the Beck house, as the baramator just soots up and down! That causes the most pain, not the bitter cold, or the dampness. The barametric pressure is what is the cause and effect of all! Scott has been doing pretty good and not getting too blue, but it's tough when you are stuck in the house all the time and the pain keeps you from laughing at a funny movie! We try to look on the bright side, but these last days have been a challenge.

As for other things, Erica had an run in with icy roads on Monday night. She is fine, was a bit stiff and sore for a few days, but her car is another story. It will be at the "Dr." till Feb. 10th. Still just thankful she wasn't hurt and no one else was involved.

I have been cooking up a storm. Love when I'm in that kind of a mood, which seems to be a lot of the time. The kids are going to a movie night at the youth pastor's tonight and are taking along hot artichoke dip! Yum! We had this at Christmas in Virginia and loved it!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Are you looking for a way to help those in Haiti? I have the answer! Clean out your closets, cupboards, basements and me or leave me a message and I will pick up stuff to take to Cleveland. I need to back up a bit. I have been taking lots of medical supplies to Cleveland to medWish who then ships it to places in need. Right now their focus is on Haiti! They will take any type of medical equipment, new or used. I am including a list below of the most needed items at this time. Thanks in advance for any and all donations! I will be going this Friday, the 29th and again on Feb. 5th. Hopefully I will have enough stuff for a couple more trips! So get busy and help those suffering in Haiti.

*sleeping bags
*flashlights and batteries
*antibiotic ointment such as Neosporin and other brands
*rolled gauze
*white medical tape
*alcohol pads
*hydrogen peroxide
*iodine (wipes/bottles)
*cotton swabs
*cotton balls
*bottled water
*infant formula - powdered preferred. Must NOT be opened or expired.
* nutritional supplements such as Ensure and Pedialyte

I will try to answer any questions you might have! Thanks again!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crusin' thru the month of January!

Can't believe it's already 1/2 way thru January? Where is time going? Oh yeah, it's been going to Cleveland and back for us!!! What else is new. On the plus side, Scott got another nerve block today and is feeling much better. He is totally wiped out from this crazy week, as we were to Cleveland 2 days! It was worth it, but just takes a lot out of him. As for me, I seem to thrive on crazy weeks, and it's a good thing, cause we sure do have a lot of them.

Tonight I worked on the church newsletter and had a lot of laughs. That always makes the world seem like a better place. Got word last night that an uncle from IL was in surgery and having a rough time. He did well and got his spleen removed and an aneurysm repaired! Very lucky man. Prayers are still needed for him and the family. Many things to be thankful for. Mom is doing a lot better from her foot surgery, but still has a terrible cough that is wearing her down. Keep her in your prayers too!

Not sure what all this next few days will bring. Looking forward to catching up on "stuff" and hauling a big load of stuff to Save 'n Serve. Been cleaning out all the nooks and crannies and it feels great! Cousin is coming to town for the huge basketball weekend, so we'll have to stop and Mom's and visit for a bit. Love spending time with family!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Table Favor!!!

This is just one of the many reindeer I made for table favors! Delicious!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


So much food, yet so much left!!! We have an awesome bunch of cooks in this family and today was no different! Today was the Maxwell/Troyer Christmas and there was almost too many things to taste! Lots of fun, lots of laughter and good memories shared. Wishing the day was just starting as it always seems to end too soon!

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010


Are you wondering where 2009 went? So am I! Seems like just a year ago it started, now it's gone....but anyway, Happy New Year to all. We traveled to Virginia for a wonderful Christmas with my brother and his wife. They had 20" of snow!!!! That made the trip awesome in our thoughts! We spent some extra time there, so we could relax and enjoy some of the "local stuff" instead of just running down, opening gifts, then heading home again! We spent Christmas day with my sister in law's extended family up the mountain at her parents. This included a rowdy grab bag exchange and a delicious new dip that we loved! It was a hot artichoke dip that we plan on making at home soon. Christmas Eve was a delicious night spent at Red Lobster, as this is our yearly tradition and gift from my dad! Yum!
Since we are home, I have been gearing up for my Mom's family to arrive on Saturday for our Christmas in Ohio! 23 people and lots of yummy foods. I always make table favors, even if it's not at our house, and this year was no different. Can't put a picture on here yet, or tell you what it is, but check back after tomorrow and I'll try to show you the cute, edible favors I made. I think everything is in place, including the ice on the driveway! Not much I can do about that, but the kids assured me they will help to carry in the food and gifts, as well as help people maneuver the tricky steps over the ice cruchies!
May you all have a happy and blessed New Year!