Monday, July 25, 2011


Today I had PT in the morning, then it was canning all afternoon! Canned 15 quarts of stinky peaches and 5 pints of stinky peaches (can you tell I don't like fruit!!!) and 22 pints of yummy banana peppers!!! I canned a bunch of peaches last week too. I'm canning some in pints for Erica to take along to college. Thought that would be a nice taste of home. The peppers are a huge favorite around here on salads, pizzas, haystacks and just to munch now and then. I plan on doing at least 1 more batch or 2. Then it will be time for corn...that's my favorite thing to put away for the winter months. Ordered it today and should have it in a few more weeks. I want to get it finished up before we take Erica to Virginia to college. Then I also need to do applesauce...that might come before the corn, and can't forget the pizza sauce!!! Some things just taste soooo much better canned and frozen then from the store!

Friday, July 1, 2011


We just returned from a wonderful trip to Maine! Loved every minute and "bite" of it! Delicious seafood! I'll post pics of that trip soon. While we were gone, someone came to visit! Such cute things now live in our flower beds!! Check them out! I personally like the little tin man the best! Chris had a friend here skateboarding and I asked him if he saw our crazy rooster? No, I thought that Geeky Beek thing was what you meant when you said you got punked! Poor kid had no clue what crazy things I like and add on purpose....thought a rooster was my choice! Guess we'll have to be a little creative the next time "some people" go away for the day or week! ;)