Friday, September 24, 2010

Elephants, cats and rain in the living room.....

Those are just a few of the hallucinations we have had to deal with since Mom's surgery! While Mom was in the hospital, I felt she was a little confused, due to some odd texts she had sent....but figured that was normal for hospital life and didn't worry about it too much! Maybe I should have.....since things got totally out of control after she was home! She cannot remember coming home from the hospital, but after she was home a couple days, she decided she was a burden to Dad and ended up falling as she she was getting things out of the fridge to make supper. I took her to the ER, as her surgeon was in surgery the next 3 days and her family Dr. was off on that particular day. Nothing broken or messed up from the fall, thank goodness! That's when things started getting even crazier! She started seeing "spots" on all the walls and furniture, elephants with cats on chairs in the living room, and every night around 8pm, it started to rain in the living room! She was so mad that no one would take her to a motel, and since she had her surgery she had not slept a total of 24 hours! This added to the hallucinations. Long story short, no matter what we did, she still saw these things and consoling her was very hard. After talking to the family Dr. we decided to take her off her pain meds and muscle relaxants and see if that would help. It didn't happen overnight, but eventually, MOM returned! Really scary times! Wasn't sure how we would get thru this, but by the grace of God, we did!
She is now loving life, remembers all the hallucinations, and we are able to laugh about them! She loves company, (if they don't stay too long) and loves mail! So send her a card, give her a call, or stop in and visit for a bit!