Sunday, November 29, 2009

Black Friday and "Wicked"!

How many of you are crazy enough or brave enough to tackle the "Black Friday" sales! Erica and I have gone the past several years and have a lot of fun. There are a couple stores that we avoid, due to the mass amount of people! However, we love to find that bargain that waits in some of the other stores that aren't quite as full! This year we started around 5 a.m. Late by some standards, but just right for us. We got to enjoy a good blast of snow, and scored some great deals. Erica was tired by around 7, so I headed home, she went back to bed and I started to get out my plethora of snowmen! :) Then around 9:3o, I decided the crowds would be a little smaller and my bargain hunter need fired up and I headed back to the stores! :) Glad I did, as I got a LOT of shopping finished up. Back home by 1 and then it was time to head out for our yearly Christmas tree shopping and cutting day! :) We found the perfect tree for us, and cut another one from Mom and Dad and were home in no time at all. Tree is up, smells and looks awesome!
Saturday brought an adventure to Cleveland! This time it wasn't Dr.'s that we had to visit, it was girl's day.......we were off to Playhouse Square to see the musical "Wicked"! Amazing musical, and gives a whole new spin to the Wizard of Oz. There were 5 of us who made the trip and we loved every minute of it. There are a couple other up and coming shows that we are interested, especially the Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!! :) Chipotle's and Cold Stone finished off our night. Delicious!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Is it me, or has this year just flown by? Seems like just last week we were out in the sun, enjoying all that summer has to offer! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE winter and can't wait for that first snow that sticks on the ground, but it just seems like we are hurtling thru the days at an alarming pace.
We are sadened at the loss of a long time community member, who has so many ties to our lives, thru sports, kids and grandkids. You will be missed, Clyde. Then we also lost a friend from Danville in a horrible car accident. She leaves behind 3 girls who are struggling to understand, why.
Scott is doing well, and we are so thankful for his pain free days. He has been able to work in his workshop a lot lately and that's great, as he has gotten quite a few orders for Christmas that need to be filled!
Today I worked on sorting thru the mountain of catalogs that bless us at this time of year! I love paging thru these things and just try to imagine who on earth buys some of this stuff! Some of it is great, and I do order quite a bit, but some of it is way off the charts in the odd catagory.
Thanksgiving is coming quickly, along with "Black Friday"! Erica and I love to get up way before the sun and head for the stores in search of a couple special priced to way below normal! We do avoid certain stores, as they are just scary with the crowds that fill them. And we have never gone so far as to camp out in a tent to await the opening of anything!
Be thankful for all you have and all those close to you....time has a way of getting away from us!