Monday, April 12, 2010


Watching the news lately has really been a challenge. I hate the fact that all they share are the shootings, murders, rapes, sad, and depressing stories. I realize these are the headline grabbers, but what about those news stories that are just plain funny! When we go to Cleveland we listen to the radio and one of my favorite parts is when they talk about "News we didn't use"! It's stories that were "humorous, odd, heart-warming" that just didn't make the "shock value" that our news folk seem to deem necessary. One headliner that has really gotten me upset the past couple days is the parking attendant who was shot 3 times because he wouldn't let some guy (who wasn't handicapped) park in a handicapped spot! Did you ever park in one 'cause it would only take a minute or 2? Did you ever need one (as we always do) and couldn't find one???? That is one of my biggest pet peeves! I do NOT use the spaces when my hubby is not leaving the vehicle or is not along. At times he is able to walk, but we still park in handicap, because he is at risk of falling. Do you have any clue how many times we've had people cuss at us or flip us the "bird" because it wasn't obvious to them that he had a handicap? Don't judge others, but please don't park where you don't belong....not even just for a few minutes!
So keep your ears open for the "good news" and try not to let the bad junk get you down. There is always good in our world, we just have to look to find it at times. So for now I leave you, I am on a mission to get the good people of Cleveland to help the poor homeless man that I take food to whenever we go to Cleveland. Surely someone could help this guy. He looks pleasant and always says "thank you and God bless you" when I give him a bag of food. There is a story that I think could have a very happy ending!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Yesterday was D day, the day I was supposed to call the Pain Management Dr.'s office to see how soon we could get Scott in for another RFA treatment. The Dr. had been out of town and was to return yesterday, so when I called the secretary tells me...he was stuck in the New Jersey airport overnight! Just got in to Cleveland this morning, has been behind all day, but said to put Scott on the schedule ASAP. When she checked, she asked if today would suit!!!!????? Today???? Of course! I was shocked! Worked this morning for a couple hours, then ran to Hershey's bakery for 2 dozen fry pies to butter up the nurses (oh yeah, I baked brownies last night for the awesome secretary) then headed up the highway! Procedure went well, pain is greatly reduced...still having some, but that may be due to the wicked weather in the area....time will tell.
Next we headed to Aultman to visit my uncle! He was doing a LOT better today and we had a great visit. I had put Scott in a wheelchair, just to be on the safe side. When we left, 2 nice gentlemen held the elevator doors open for us. As we got in, I smelled something kind of funny? When we left and started down the hall, I asked Scott, did you cause that smell????? He said, NO, I wondered which one did it! :) So if you are nice enough to hold open an elevator door for someone.....please keep your smells to yourself...I'm just sayin'!
On one last note, please keep my mother in your prayers...she will be having back surgery on July 1st.