Saturday, February 20, 2010

To the Mall!

Yesterday when the kids got home, we decided to hit the road for a trip to the mall. Loaded up Scott's scooter, 4 kids, me and off we went. The main goal was to look at Prom dresses, but we didn't find many at Belden Village. Ate at the food court, shopped in a couple other stores and headed home. Pain level went up a LOT for Scott, but it was nice to get out for something other than the Dr.!

As for his pain issue, we met with the Dr. after his nerve block on Monday. He told us that we will not be able to continue doing the blocks, as this particular nerve is very resilient and it will start breaking thru the block! Sad day....anyway, the Dr. suggested we try RFA (radio frequency ablation). In this treatment, they go into the same area and find the nerve that is causing so much pain, then heat it to try to stop the pain signals. This may last for a couple months at a time. We will have to wait until his pain is pretty regular again (which may not be much longer) and then go in for this procedure. He has to be able to feel the pain so he knows if they are hitting the right nerve. I asked the Dr. about the pain he has been having in his left knee. He said that is the same nerve looking for a new place to cause pain!!!! Really a pain in the butt, if you ask me! But the Dr. isn't giving up hope and we will continue to try to keep Scott comfortable. Trips to Cleveland at least get us out of the house.

On the plus side, we have been blessed with TONS of snow! It's sooooo beautiful around here right now. Forecast says we may be getting more by the beginning of the week! :)