Friday, September 16, 2011


How is it possible that I have a daughter at college???? It seems like only a year or 2 ago she was starting kindergarten....or maybe Jr. high. She has spread her wings and is off to Virginia to EMU. Most of the feedback we get is positive, and for that I'm glad. She has a huge dorm room with 2 roommates and I haven't heard anything negative at this point. Can't wait to go and see her in October! She has been to a couple VB games with Uncle Mitch to watch Aunt Gina coach, and has been to lunch with Aunt Gina! So glad they are nice and close to her. She has been getting a nice amount of cards and even a couple boxes of goodies. Sure hope the mail keeps coming for her! Hint! Hint! So even though it doesn't seem possible, I now have one kid in college and the other one is driving and is now a Junior in High School. I'm sure his days at home are limited.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Maine and now College

This summer we took a family trip to Maine! It was amazing in soooo many ways, yet bittersweet, as we knew when we returned we would be getting our daughter ready to head to college. She is now moved in (during some lovely wind and rain) and seems to be settling great! FB and texting sure make it easier to keep in touch. She is in Virginia and close to my brother and sister in law, so that does make me rest a little easier at night! Counting down the days until we see her again in October!