Sunday, March 22, 2009


What a crazy week it's been.....aren't they all??? :) The week started off with a Dr. appt. in Mansfield. Not too bad you think, but I had to first go to Brinkhaven and pick up Scott's uncle to take him along, as he had an appt. and does not drive. After the appts. it was a stop at Wal-Mart, then the scenic route home thru Bellville, Fredericktown and then finally back to Benton. After Erica got off the bus, we headed for the Strongsville mall. Needed to find a dress for prom! Good luck for us, we found one, grabbed Chipotle's for supper and hit the road for home! Tuesday was relatively quiet, as I didn't leave Holmes County. Had to pick up hubby at my Aunt and Uncle's house after allergy shots, then it was home to make cookie bars for the youth group meeting on Wednesday evening. On Wednesday, I worked part of the day, then headed to Cleveland with Scott to have his spinal cord stimulator adjusted. That went well, then it was home and shuttle Chris to his friends house to go to church with him, then back home and grab Erica and the snacks and drop her off at our church! Back home for a bit, then hit the road again to pick up Erica and bring the leftovers home, before heading over to Countryside Chapel to pick up Chris. Back home and to bed!!! Thursday I worked until lunch, then ran home to load up and head to Columbus to watch our girls b-ball team play in the state semi-final game! That was a fun day, then it was home, and time to help Chris make mexican meatballs for his Spanish class at those done and crashed into bed at 9:15! Friday morning was an early dentist appt. for me in Wooster, then home and get Scott moving to PT! That was just in Millersburg. Chris called from school and said his arm was hurting badly from a skateboarding fall the day before and needed to see the Dr. So after school, I took him to the Dr. and then for x-rays. Good news, just a bad bruise! Saturday brought another trip to Columbus to watch the state final game of girls basketball. Unfortunately, we lost! :( Great year for the girls. Stopped at Max & Erma's for lunch on the way home. Today we are going to Countryside Chapel to listen to Chris play guitar with their praise and worship team. Wasn't sure if we could go, as Scott has had seizure trouble all day Saturday and is having a little trouble this morning.
This week will be a little calmer (I hope) and we are hitting the road on Thursday to go to Kettering (close to Dayton) for a couple days! Scott has relatives there and Chris is taking a friend along as their is a skate park in that area. Our hotel is very close to the park. Erica plans on helping her cousin at her nanny job on Friday while we are there. We also plan on hitting Dewey's Pizza for a meal, as we LOVE their pizza.
Hope you all enjoy the sunshine!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


What a beautiful day! After church today we went to BCF for lunch and the installation service for our friends to their new position as pastor! Really neat service, then it was off to the school for the choir concert. Wonderful concert, lots of talent. Then it was home and the skateboarding boys started arriving!!! I love to hear them skating and having fun. Ordered pizza and they ate everything but the box! :)
Another crazy week ahead.....lots of Dr. appointments and basketball games to think about. Have to also be looking for a prom dress as Erica will be going to her first prom! We looked a little bit and have one on hold, but want to check out the Strongsville mall before we make the final choice!
Tomorrow will start the crazy week, as I am picking up Scott's uncle, then heading to the school to buy b-ball tickets for a bunch of us for the state game on Thursday. After that it's off to Mansfield for the Dr. appt. for Scott and his uncle, then to guitar lessons for Chris.....then home and grab Erica and off to Strongsville mall....but other than that, I won't have much going on tomorrow. So if you're bored, just join the train and follow us. I'm sure to find something interesting to pass the time! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009


What a whirlwind of a week we had last week! Scott's brother and wife were due to have their first baby on March 10th. On Wed. when we left PT I got a call from Scott's sister, expecting it to be the baby call, but instead it was a call saying that Scott's brother was in the hospital. Irregular heart rate detected at a regular physical. He was taken to the hospital to have it checked and they put him into the ICU!!! That was on Wed. Thursday at work, my mother in law called to tell me my sister in law went into labor after the craziness of Wed. and had delivered a little girl! Bad part was, she was at a different hospital than her husband! So after work on Thursday we traveled to Mansfield to see our new niece! She is so adorable. Then on Friday we took off for Mt. Vernon to see Scott's brother. Had a good visit, but they were not having much luck in getting the heart back to a normal rhythm. We got home and about an hour later got a call that he was being transferred to Riverside in Columbus!!! Scott then proceeded to have a minor accident in his workshop which resulted in a VERY sore and swollen finger for a couple days.
After checking out the finger, I was putting steaks on the grill when I saw a large cloud of black smoke rising up from a place by the business beside us that it really didn't belong! Looked out over the railing of the deck and saw flames about 15 ft. high pouring out of the dumpster! Called the fire dept. and continued cooking the steaks. Just glad I saw it when I did.
Saturday morning I woke up with a stomach bug that hung around until Sunday night. Had to miss a birthday party for my cousin and had to cancel small group from church! Talked to my sister in law and she said they would be doing a bunch of tests on her hubby on Monday morning.
Monday came and Scott and I headed to Riverside Hospital in Columbus. After a heart cath and a couple other tests they decided to shock my brother in laws heart back into rhythm. At this point, he is resting well and his wife was finally able to go and see him this afternoon. He still hasn't gotten to see or hold his little girl, but has seen pictures. He will be in the hospital for a couple more days, but we are so thankful that prayers have been answered and he should be home soon!
Don't you just love how crazy our weeks are? I'm not sure what I would do if we had a calm, "normal" week! Not even sure if I would know one if we had one! :) Life is good, and we are so thankful for all we have.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Tough week here in Benton. Our neighbor and former babysitter's husband fatally shot his wife, son and then took his own life. I also worked with the husband. So hard to believe that anyone could get that low and depressed. Very nice family and they leave one married daughter behind. Kids are still having some trouble sleeping, and so am I.
Then there was a threat made at school this past week. Wasn't sure if I wanted the kids to go to school today or not. We prayed about it and finally I left it up to them. The school will have deputies there today and there is a prayer group of kids meeting as soon as they get to school. The threat was specific for "something" to happen today. I would appreciate all your prayers as you are reading this. I know God is with the, and keeping them home today would only make me wonder, if nothing happens today, will something happen tomorrow. I am mostly at peace with the decision, just really wish they would figure out who wrote the threat and remove them from school.
Scott is doing somewhat better. We managed to go to Canton shopping for a bit on Saturday, then wanted to eat at the Olive Garden. Got there a little after 4 and they told us the wait was approx. 45 min!!!! See ya! We left and went to Carrabba's! Delicious! Kind of glad we went there instead. We had only eaten there once before several years ago.
Yesterday was a 3 ring circus here! My cousins wife and little boys stopped for a while, then Chris went running with a friend. We decided to order pizza and my cousin joined us, as well as Erica's boyfriend and Chris and his buddy. Pizza sure didn't last long. But soon after the pizza disappeared, my Mom showed up with 3 loaves of fresh, warm sourdough bread!!! That went pretty quick too! :)