Sunday, January 30, 2011 for BeeBops!

We made it to letter A....which was Angello's in Canton a couple weeks ago....Italian Californian cuisine! Delicious!!! Mom and Dad went along and when we pulled up, the first thing Dad said was, "looks like an old funeral parlor!!!" Yup, we think it was, but it was still wonderful. I had mushroom stuffed ravioli which I loved. The bread was amazing, but then, what Italian place doesn't have awesome bread.

Last night we headed to BeeBops Grill in Wilmot for the letter B! Great food, and very large servings! Scott loved the deep fried pickles! Check out the picture I've included! Looking forward to continuing our journey thru the alphabet. Several people at church have indicated they would like to go along! Sounds like a plan to me!

Friday, January 14, 2011


My crazy brain came up with the idea of eating from A to Z this year! Gonna try to hit a lot of different places and use as many coupons as I can! Tonight we are trying Angello's in Canton. Heard it from some friends that it's excellent! Taking Mom and Dad along on the adventure tonight. I'll fill you in later about how great it was! ;)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Check out this cool looking family! We had church pics taken and thought they turned out pretty nice!

HELLO 2011

Life seems to be in fast forward! How on earth did it get to be 2011 already? Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the Fourth of July! We are happy to report that Scott's pain pump is working very well and he is still pain free most of the time! The weather changes will always bring pain, but that's something we can live's that daily pain that never lets up that is so miserable for him. Praising God and thanking all who have walked this journey with us! Our journey will never be over, but for right now, we are at a much more tolerable place!

Christmas was great, as we spent a lot of time with family. Wish it wouldn't have gone by so quickly, but we treasure the time we had. Snow is starting to fall again this morning and with a little luck, we'll have a nice blanket by bedtime! We love the snow and think it looks soooo much better than mud!

Christopher has started his driving classes and will be attempting to get his permit next week. Should make for an interesting next couple of months at the Beck house!