Friday, November 26, 2010

EMU, sickness and crazy chickens!

Last weekend we headed to Virginia so Erica could spend some time at Eastern Mennonite University. On the way down, I ended up getting sick with a horrid head cold and a cough that just wouldn't quit. We got word on the way down that my sister in law was also sick with the flu! So the weekend was off to a great start! The tour of the college was great and Erica is strongly considering this as the place to spend the next 4 years! Uncle Mitch and Aunt Gina took her to a basketball game on Friday night and then on Saturday, Erica and Uncle Mitch caught another game. She really likes it there and I think the closeness of Uncle Mitch and Aunt Gina is a great plus. She is looking at studying church and youth ministry.

The ride down was filled with me coughing, Chris wanting to stop for food, and both kids putting the back windows down and yelling, "bass note" as my vehicle "buffers" very loudly when only 1 window is down. This forced me to be mean and lock the windows!

When we returned home, we found this lovely chicken gracing our porch! We never worry about robbers when we go away, just the pranksters!