Saturday, April 25, 2009


This was a LONG week with lots of Dr. appts. Due to severe pain, Scott can only get around with the use of 2 crutches. This is causing more pain in his elbow that he had surgery on last April. It was just feeling better and we FINALLY finished with physical therapy. We were told by Scott's pain management Dr. that we needed to contact the ortho. Dr. about Scott's pain. They called this week and referred us to another surgeon, as Scott's surgeon has retired from doing surgery and is only seeing a few patients. When I called for an appt. they told me it would be July until we could get in. I called the ortho. Dr. back asking if this was the only Dr. he would recommend. Yes, he is the best. I looked up his credentials and was rather impressed, so I called again. This time the girl said she would set us up with the Dr.'s PA who evaluates new patients and can get us in quicker if he feels it is necessary. Would we be able to come up on Friday??? Oh yeah, we sure can, and since we were already going up for 2 appts. on Thursday, she added x-rays to that schedule. So Thursday was very tiring, but on the plus side, the elbow Dr. feels once Scott is off the crutches, his elbow will settle down again. Then on Friday we met with the PA. He said at this point Scott's muscles from the hamstring down are very tight. He feels that is where a LOT of the pain issue is stemming from. He told us that even if they would operate at this point and find a problem, he felt there would still be a pain issue due to the tight muscles. So Scott has to start PT again for 12 weeks. He also has to ice 3x's a day and take ibuprofen 3x's a day. As long as he is improving, we go back in 12 weeks to meet with the Dr. and determine if the knee is feeling better, or if he is still having issues. He said we will not see quick improvement, but it should get better with time and PT. So we go to start more therapy on Monday.
Beautiful weekend and I finally got the yard mowed! (and got the dog pooped smooshed!) Then today I worked on cleaning the cracks in between the boards on the deck. They get so full of bird seed and twigs and the helicopters off our maple tree, which if not cleaned out, rot and will cause the deck to become weak. The breeze blew most of the crud off as fast as I dug it out of the cracks.
Next week looks to be a bit crazy with the start of PT again. I'm gonna try and convince them to let us come only 2x's a week, as 3 just really makes for a bunch of running. But if it takes 3x's a week, we'll do it. Really praying this will work and give Scott some relief. No trips to Cleveland this next week, so far! We will have the PT appts. and we have a home visit from a VA rep on Monday, and on Friday we have to see a Dr. about Scott's reflux problem, but at least the sun is shining right now!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This has been a challenging week, once again. On the upside, we were to Cleveland on Wednesday and Scott was evalutaed for a power scooter. They said he is a perfect candidate, so they ordered one for him, as well as a hitch and power lift for the back of our vehicle. Everything should be in and ready to install in about 3-4 weeks. This will give us a lot more freedom to go places that used to be off limit for Scott due to his knee problems. So we are excited about that. On the down side, his knee has continued to worsen. We are in contact with his ortho. Dr. and are waiting a return call with an appt. The pain management Dr. wants him to have exploratory surgery to see what is going on inside the knee. Today when he got up for church, he could hardly walk. Some of that is the rain that is moving into the area, but I feel strongly that something is wrong inside the knee.
On Friday I was in Cleveland again to take Scott's uncle to the Dr. for 2 appts. and I had an aunt who was having some problems and also needed to go to Cleveland. Worked out great to be able to take everyone at once. Scott ended up staying home, as I knew it would be a really LONG day and he was just hurting so much. Didn't end up getting home until after 10 pm!!!
Prom was last night and our daughter got to go to her first one!!! :) How exciting! I had no clue the gym at our school could be transformed into a wonderland! So beautiful. The grand march was also a new experience for us! Tons of people, beautiful teens, cool cars and perfect weather, made for a great evening.
This week will bring at least one more trip to Cleveland, and one local visit to the family Dr. Piano and guitar lessons are also on schedule and at this time it looks like that's about it!
It sounds like the skateboarders should be pulling in at any time. Rain is coming and they want to hit the ramps while it's still dry!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This time of year is always challenging for us. 9 years ago on Easter morning, we lost Scott's mom to a brain aneurysm. Even though Easter falls on a different date each year, we are still reminded of our loss at Easter time.
We are also facing challenges with Scott's pain issue. I have felt for several months that the pain in his knee is a mechanical issue and not one from nerve damage. I feel they have the nerve problem under control at this point. We were back to see the pain management Dr. on Friday and he agrees with me. Now we are faced with convincing the ortho Dr. to refer us to another surgeon, as he has retired from doing actual operations. I have a call in to his office and am waiting to see what they say. If they say this ortho Dr. will not agree to another surgery, we have decided to let the pain management Dr. help us find another Dr., possibly at University Hospital. We really like Scott's current ortho Dr. but my gut says we need to have a scope put into the knee to check for scar tissue. Scott falls a lot from his balance troubles and I think that has caused some of his trouble in the knee. The pain Dr. said Scott is his only knee pain patient that keeps coming back!!! He has had his spinal cord stimulator for 2 1/2 years and we do feel that has helped. However, anytime we try to go anywhere, even to just walk thru the hospital to visit someone else, his pain level escalates so badly, that for the next several days, he can hardly walk, sleep or just relax! We will be going to the VA hospital on Wednesday of this week to have Scott evaluted for the need of a power wheel chair. We know he needs this at times, but I hate to see him have to use it on a regular basis. Please pray that the ortho Dr. will find it in his heart to refer us to one of his associates. We feel very comfortable at the Cleveland Clinic and hate to have to go elsewhere. His history is so involved, that would also become a challenge to have to go thru that repetition again.
On another note, Erica and I enjoyed an evening with my sister in law and niece for supper and prom shoe shopping!!! : ) We found her a cute pair and enjoyed a delicious supper at Applebee's. Prom is just around the corner and I pray for safety for all who will be driving a little later at night than usual.
On a lighter note, I made an awesome dessert to take to Easter dinner tomorrow.......too late, we already ate it!!! It was amazing! :) We'll be sure to let the Beck's know how delicious it was!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here comes another busy week! But what week is not busy at this house??? We love our life, but sometimes I would love to have a couple days to get bored!!! On Saturday morning, I picked up Chris and 3 of his buddies from a lock in at a friends church. Dropped everyone off and by 8 a.m., Chris was asleep for the day......until 8 p.m. at which time he woke up long enough to eat and was back to sleep by 11 pm. and slept until 7 a.m.!!! Whew! I don't think I could ever sleep that much. While he slept, Erica and I took off for Canton to shop for prom shoes. Just had no luck at all, so we hit the highway and headed for New Philly! Success at last and we got a pair of shoes, along with a new purse for me and a ceramic rain boot to plant flowers in!!! ;O It was just too cute. Also got a new alarm clock with "noise" on it so my hubby could sleep better. After he had bronchitis and we had the humidifier on all night, we found he sleeps better with a bit of white noise in the background. So now we sleep to the sound of rain!!! :-)
Scott's brother in law came up today and helped Chris with some track stuff he was doing. Helped him figure out how to get his timing better. Then we stopped at Mom and Dad's to drop off their 45th wedding anniversary gift! Home and curled up with a blanket. Oh yeah, I've been texting with my neice and nephew most of the evening, but I enjoy keeping in touch with them.
Lots of running this week and need to get food ready for Easter at the in-laws.

Have a wonderful, blessed week!