Sunday, August 23, 2009

Road Trip!

We are home again and rested up???? from our little trip to Virginia. Had a great visit with my brother and his wife and their two beautiful dogs. Spent time on Saturday being tourists! Went and toured the Shenandoah Caverns. Really nice and Scott could even use his scooter in most of it! Went to a couple other favorite spots like Jess's Diner for lunch and the Barnes and Noble bookstore. We ate at L'talia for supper on Friday night and it was delicious! We went to the cabin on Saturday night and had a nice relaxing day on Sunday. Got to spend the whole day with them, then headed for home on Monday. All went well until we hit Charleston, WV, then a hose blew and we lost all air conditioning for the rest of the trip home! Really hot and humid down there, as well as up here when we got home.

Got all the applesauce done on Friday and am doing 30 dozen ears of corn on Monday!!!! I love to do corn! We were to Cleveland on Wednesday when we came home from Virginia for the second set of the nerve block for Scott. Overall, he is doing a lot better since the first injection!

Tonight Chris had his buddies here and they worked on getting the skate ramp in the rad finished. We had a surprise birthday party for my mom at her house on Saturday and a bunch of the guests came over and helped move the ramp from the garage up into our yard. They made it bigger in the middle and gave it a test run tonight. Now they are in the basement trying to get some sleep! :) Not happening quite yet from the sound of it. Hard to believe school will be starting on Tuesday. Summer sure did fly by.

Saw that "Wicked" is playing in Cleveland in November and early Dec. Let me know if you have seen it and what you thought of it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Seems like every day is going faster and faster and I am helpless to stop it! I'm sure everyone has days like that, but it just seems like summer is whizzing by at an alarming rate. Scott continues to do well, still has minimal pain, but a LOT better than what it was. We are leaving on Thurs. afternoon and heading to Virginia to visit my brother and his wife. Can't wait! :) We are mentally packed, but physically not even close! I was gonna mow tonight, but the rain changed my mind. So glad for the rain, but I think I heard the grass squeaking taller as the evening wore on and the drops were soaking in! Oh well, tomorrow night is another chance.

I will be taking Christopher to Strongsville on Thursday morning to get his knees checked out. He had double knee surgery for a congenital problem 2 years ago and is having a lot of pain in them as of late. Want to get it checked out, and we had the appt. made before all the plans were in place to head for Virginia. We will stop at Elkins, WV for the night, so at least I'll get a little bit of a break from the driving! We are taking Scott's scooter along and plan on touring the Shenandoah Caverns while we are down there. I had the vehicle serviced and had the brakes checked, as the extra weight from the lift and scooter will add to the need for good brakes!

Now we're just trying to line up people to come and play with our new puppy and new kitten while we are gone. Hate to leave them, but really looking forward to getting away. It's been a LONG last couple of months. We will stay until Monday when we head straight home. Sure hope the humidity doesn't come along with us.

Today the storms beat the running kids to the windows! I had a call from Erica, saying that both bathrooms and our bedroom was soaked!!! Grab the towels, then turn on the fans, as I didn't want the hardwood floors to warp. She did a great job, and I got all of the towels and rugs dried once I got home. Even got a pan of lasagna made (although Chris did all of the work) for tomorrow night's supper. Then put a batch of party mix in the oven. Don't even want to try to go visit my brother without a big bowl of it! Chris is having a couple friends over tomorrow night for supper and then a bonfire. Hope the rain gets out of here by then! :)