Sunday, March 28, 2010


Yesterday I traveled to Cleveland for pleasure! I took Erica and my cousin and her daughter and we enjoyed the Trans Siberian Orchestra presenting "Beethoven's Last Night"! Seats were awesome, 4 rows from the front and the entire performance was amazing! We have been going to the Quiken Loans arena the past 3 years at Christmas time to see their show and this is the first time they did the Beethoven show and this time it was at the Palace Theater at Playhouse Square in Cleveland. The atmosphere and beauty of the building is so wonderful. It's like stepping back in time! We are checking into the backstage tours to enjoy even more of the theater. If anyone is interested in going along, please let me know. I also bought tickets for Phantom of the Opera while we were there. That show is in late July and early August, but the tickets will sell out fast! Glad I grabbed 'em while I could!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy Cows and Red Jammies

What a crazy night...but then aren't they all at the Beck house??? Anyway, last night I was really tired, so I put my jammies on around 6:30 p.m. Ready to relax the evening away. Then came a knock at the door and it was the neighbor who told me to grab my keys she needs help...there were cows all over our yard. Earlier I had heard our little dog yapping up a storm...nothing new there! Chris had put the dogs in their kennel early, as it was starting to rain, and Sobe likes to bark at everything in the free world. Well, this time, she had good reason. There was a stampede in our yard and I had no clue! So we took off for the farmer who owns them (my brother-in-law) would say he's not really a neighbor, and told him his cows were loose and were aerating our lawn! Now this wasn't all bad, as Chris has it pretty well packed down from riding the 4 wheeler. Anyway, the neighbor who sounded the alarm had to go to a baby shower, so I stayed out with her son (in my red jammies) to try to keep the cows at bay! At one point he said, "sure hope there's not a bull in there", and said, "hey, I'm wearing red!" Then I asked him what he would do if there was a bull and he calmly told me "RUN"! :0 Well, no bull was there, and soon the farmer showed up to calmly whistle at the cows to get them to cooperate. I was mooing, to no avail, and all he did was whistle! I made a mental note to grab a coat to cover the red jammies next was a bit chilly last night!

Oh yeah, in the previous post I said Erica had a virus....well, she did, but then Saturday night/early Sunday morning she woke me saying she had barfed!!! Well, that continued for quite a few hours....and if you remember my new meds are causing nausea....and that is NOT a good combination! But we survived! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010


As usual, life at the Beck house has been full of adventure! Since the beginning of February, I have had constant jaw pain. First I was to the Dr. who thought maybe a sinus infection...took those meds, not better...then to the dentist...panoramic x-ray, no problems there...maybe you are grinding your teeth in your sleep, try a bite thing to wear at night....that didn't help either...back to the Dr. who is my regular Dr. (couldn't see her the first time, as she was out that day)! She questioned me a LOT, then told me she had a couple thoughts and would research it and call me with her idea. When she called me (at 6 pm) she said she felt it was inflammation of the nerves in the side of my face. At times the pain shoots up into my ear and down my neck. She felt I needed to see my neurologist in Cleveland, who treated an eye problem I had a few years ago. When I saw the neruo, they agreed with my Dr. and started me on some medicine that will hopefully resolve the problem. The biggest problem makes me horrible tired and nauseous!!! It has gotten somewhat better since I started taking it, but what a mess! As for the rest of the family, Chris just had his 4 wisdom teeth taken out and is very sore. He's not complaining about anything except the fact that he can't eat non-stop like he's used to....and, he has to be rather selective in what he eats. Erica has had an on-going virus issue and is finally starting to feel a little better.

Scott is another chapter in this story! He has had horrible pain for the past 3 months. We have gotten out very little, as it just hurts too much. This past Monday we were to Cleveland where he had radio frequency ablation. Success at last! His pain was so high when we went in, he was using 2 crutches to get around. When we left, he was walking with very little pain and no crutches! Alas, the success was short lived. Last night Scott was working in his workshop....when he finished and started to clean things up, something hit his leg very hard which caused him to fall to the floor. He hollered for help and our neighbor boy heard him, checked on him and immediately got his Dad. I was resting in the living room and the kids were at church....and Scott didn't want to bother me, as I've been feeling so bad lately. Long story short, the neighbor helped him up, onto his scooter and then he came into the house, where I found out what happened! Poor guy! Just can't seem to catch a break around this house. So needless to say, we have not been having the happiest days! Thankfully our church family has been bringing some meals in to help allow me to rest. This too shall pass,...just wish it would hurry the heck up!