Saturday, February 21, 2009


Things are starting to get a little better. I found a remedy for the coughing! HONEY!!!! I teaspoon of honey quiets Scott's cough for hours. I had read about this last year and totally forgot about it until this year when his cough just wouldn't quit. The cough med. was only working for about 1 1/2 at the most. We went to the ball game last night, and as soon as he started to get too warm, the coughing started again. I quickly left the game, ran across the road and bought a bottle of honey and grabbed a plastic spoon. Mission accomplished! Coughing stopped.
As for the pain from falling last week, the knee is somewhat better, although the elbow is still somewhat swollen and very tender. We went to PT yesterday, but they couldn't do too much with it being so sore. They did some ultrasound over it and we go back again next Wednesday.
Our son, Christopher left for New York for snow camp yesterday! We took subs out to him and 4 buddies to munch on the way. He texted in the afternoon and said it was snowing so hard it looked like a blizzard! They will be home Sunday evening. Can't wait to hear about this camp. He has been talking about it for weeks.
Hoping to check out the newly renovated library today! Erica and I are low on books and I have to take Scott to a couple appts. in Cleveland on Monday, so I need a good book or 2.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crazy Monday!

Good Morning!

What a morning after very little sleep. Hubby's bronchitis is causing a LOT of coughing during the night and very little sleep, then his water got dumped into the bed and onto the floor around 3:15 a.m., so that added to the festivities!!! Oh well, at least most of it went onto the floor, and not the bed. Then when the poor guy was getting out of the shower, he slipped and fell. So now he's using the walker and hurting all the worse. Just not the best day. snowed again,.......and we love that! Kids were getting ready for school and I looked out and thought at first it was foggy, then realized it was snowing!! YEA !!! Not getting much done around the house right now as I have been working a lot on my book. That feels good, but I suppose I do need to do a load of laundry now and then! :O)
I got a beautiful vase of 12 roses for Valentine's Day!!! Our daughter's boyfriend asked hubby if he would like help getting something for me. So that came as a nice surprise. Stayed at home and had a nice supper her. Figured no one else needed to get sick from hubby's coughing!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Sick Days!

Well, my shoulder is feeling somewhat better, but now my hubby has bronchitis! Took him to the Dr. this morning and started him on anitbiotics. Hope that helps soon, as he just feels pretty tough. I am baking cookies and working on laundry. As you will notice, I also changed my blog background. I don't like it and have boogered up some other stuff on here, so if anyone has any helpful ideas on blogging, please call me or e-mail me!!! I just don't quite understand all that I should.
We were lucky to keep our power during the horrible wind storm the other night. Never heard wind quite like that and don't hope to any time soon! Slept in the living room to give hubby the bed and to try to avoid getting sick myself! Really worried that the windows were going to come crashing in at any time!!! Decided praying was the best option since sleep was out of the question. Hubby slept thru the entire storm! Never heard a bit of the wind. We have a few loose shingles on our lawn mower shed that need tacked down, but otherwise, we didn't have much damage. Very thankful for that.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Oh the Pain!

I am not feeling the greatest right now. Was to the Dr. on Wednesday for horrible pain under my shoulder blade. This has been going on for several weeks and has steaily been getting worse. I was eating a LOT of advil, but Wednesday I reached the point that even breathing was hurting so much I wasn't sure what to do! The advil never kicked in, so I called the Dr. around 10 and went in at 10:30, which was nice. He said I have inflammation under the shoulder blade area, probably caused from a lot of coughing from asthma trouble over the last couple weeks. Just got really inflammed and sore. So I am on a course of steroids and prescription anti-inflammatories to see if that helps. If if is not a LOT better in a week, I have to go back and he wants to inject cortisone in the area that hurts. So far, no improvement, or very little. Coughing and sneezing about brings tears and breathing anything other than shallow breathes is tough.

On a happier note, I am making serious strides towards writing a book!!! Called a publisher this week for pricing!!! and am actually getting started. It will be 10 years in Sept. since hubby had his accident and I have been wanting to do this for about that long. I feel our journey has been blessed in many ways by following Christ and I want to share with others. Not that I'm saying we haven't had struggles along the way, but I feel the way has been easier with God's help. So many books on brain injury are clinical or depressing! That is not the way this one will be. Now I have to work out the following issues: 1. Do I have the $ to invest in this project? 2. Will people really buy and read this thing? 3. How many copies would I need to order? 4. Can I get it done in a timely manner? 5. How do I choose the right publisher? Any thoughts, prayers or info anyone has about this subject would be greatly appreciated! I really feel strongly about this project, just need to get the ball rolling. I'm calling another publisher today to compare prices, so maybe that will help things along.

Sad to hear that our snow may be heading for a meltdown! I love the snow, although I could do without the ice. Our driveway is nothing but ice right now. A wonderful neighbor said if it melts like it's supposed to, he's coming over to use a plow and push the slush off the driveway so it won't freeze up again. He's also going to clear a path to hubby's workshop, as I have to put my vehicle in 4 wheel drive and drive him to it right now. Kind of a red neck operation, if you ask me! :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


What a week! From ice and beautiful snow to melting puddles everywhere! I love the snow and hope today's meltdown is about over. It is nice that some of the gunk under my running boards and wheel wells is melting and dropping off......making a lovely mess in the garage! Just came home from a delicious, belated birthday lunch at Mom and Dad's. I made butter pecan cupcakes with cream cheese icing and brickle bars to take for dessert.

Friday was a no school day again, and after I got home from Mansfield and dr. appts., our son had a couple buddies over to sled and skate. They spent the night and then enjoyed skating again on Saturday. Made a bunch of spaghetti and meatballs for them to chow on.

I am officially only working 3 days per week!!! No more Monday's or Friday's!!! :) Can't believe I don't have to go to work or to the Dr. tomorrow. That's a good way to start the week. I have a list of things to work on, but I love making lists. Even toying with the idea of starting to write my book. That's a dream I have had for over 9 years, and I'm thinking no might be the time.

Praying for more snow! :)