Saturday, October 31, 2009


Busy times make for fun days, but long ones at times. Since I last posted, I have gone to WV and met a guy from my brother's bike shop and picked up a 4 wheeler!!! We are really excited. It's a white Honda and the dogs sure do love to chase it!
We had a lot of fun with Scott's relatives and visited a lot of shops in Berlin. Found a couple goodies for Christmas gifts and even scored a great birthday gift for a great friend! Ate too much, laughed a lot, but had so much fun. This weekend we are having 6 people from church come for lunch after church. We have hospitality meals at church every couple months. You can sign up to be a guest or host. Then you prepare the main dish and everyone else brings the rest. Very simple and fun.
Just got done baking another batch of cookies and cleaned the aquarium. Still have a few things to finish, but got most stuff done. Got word a little bit ago that Scott's little niece (8 months) has H1N1. Due to the fact that the daddy had some heart troubles earlier this year, he has moved to a friends house. His wife is also starting with it! Just got a text from my cousin and one of their boys has it!!! Sooooo many kids out of school with it. Really hope it makes its rounds quickly and leaves Holmes County!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Company's Coming!

Scott has some relatives coming in on Sunday that will be here for a couple days.....and we all know what that means! All the nooks and crannies that have been ignored will now need to be cleaned! :) Oh what fun.....but it's surprising what the words "overnight guests" will do for your housekeeping skills! I have gotten soooo much accomplished and it's such a good feeling. Now I'm cooking up a storm, as I invited Scott's siblings and more up for lunch on Sunday. Looking forward to when they come so I can relax and nibble some of the goodies that I've made.
Overall, Scott is doing better, so he should be able to go and tour some fun places on Monday. I am off work until Wednesday, so I will be able to enjoy Berlin from a tourists view-point.
I rearranged all the furniture in the basement, as well as in the living room, and it looks soooooo fresh and clean. Now I need to find a footstool that suits me for in front of one chair. Might have to hit Save-n-Serve this weekend.
It's Antique Festival weekend, so I think the street vendors will be cooking our supper tonight, as I will be cooking most of the day!