Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tree Trouble!

Our favorite tree that provided lots of shade or A/C split during a storm and gently laid to rest on our deck! That created a huge problem for relief from the hot sun during the heat of the day.

New Covered Deck

Since the tree split, we felt we needed to do something to help shade the house and give Scott a nice place to hang out in the heat of the summer! We are lovin' it! We put a red metal roof on it and the sound when it rains is amazing!


We finally have a date for Scott to go into the Cleveland Clinic for a trial of the intrathecal pump, that hopefully will give him LOTS of pain relief! August 25th, Scott and I will be going to the Clinic for 3-5 days. This will be a trial to see if it looks like the pump will be a good option for him. Please pray that this works. The past days with extreme heat and humidity have been a huge challenge for him. Along with the pain, he has had a lot of swelling....but I think we all feel rather swollen right now from the difficult weather we have been having. We don't have air conditioning, so we have been hanging out on our newly roofed deck a lot with fans blowing! Feel free to invite us in for a meal if you have air! :) We try to cook but have been hitting restaurants a lot lately. Just a nice break from the heat!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Waiting has to be one of the hardest things to endure....waiting for the ice cream truck, waiting for Christmas, waiting for your birthday, waiting for a new baby to be born, waiting for a test get the point. Well right now, it seems like all we do is wait! That goes for my family as well as for my Mom! Her surgery was scheduled for July 1st. We thought that day would never get here....and then came the phone call....your surgery has been moved to Sept. 7th!!!! What???? The Dr. has to go out of town for 10 days, so that somehow moved her back a LOT longer than 10 days. I have called her Dr. and we are WAITING to see if they will move her up even a couple weeks. At the Beck household, we are WAITING while the new Dr. learns to know us and will discuss implanting an intrathecal pump in Scott to deliver pain meds all the time to him. At this point, the waiting is getting rather old!