Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Fall is definitely in the air! Although the past couple nights have been a bit humid, for the most part, the nights have had a nip! We love this time of year, especially the snuggly blankets that make every evening seem so cozy.
Scott's fall on Labor Day weekend really took a toll on him. He just couldn't shake the pain and when we would think it was a little better, it would turn around and hurt even worse. Chronic pain....is a pain! On Sunday, I planned a lunch of salad, smoked turkey, mashed potatoes and corn, then invited Mom and Dad over after church. Scott couldn't go, and when I came home, he was upset. Our indoor kitty, Chowder, had jumped on the screen door going out onto the deck and caused the thing to crash out of it's tracks and onto the deck floor....which allowed Chowder to escape. Now Chowder has been climbing this screen for quite some time and Sobe, our new puppy on the outside of the screen, enjoys jumping on it from her side! Time and time again, we have had guests crash into the darn thing and jump it off the tracks, so needless to say, the screen has seen better days. Anyway, the kitty got out, poor Scott was using a walker and the kitty just wouldn't come inside. Sobe kept barking and chasing, which didn't help a thing. He gave up, came in and closed the door. A little bit later, Sobe was going crazy barking, so he made his way to the deck to investigate.....Chowder had jumped up onto the trash can where we store our bird feed and Sobe's food!!! Sobe was not impressed and had cornered her there! So, all ended well and Scott managed to get Chowder back inside!
Yesterday took us to Cleveland again.....this time for another sympathetic nerve block. So far, Scott's pain is MUCH better! Hope it lasts.
I have been "mucking out", something that I do when I can grab the chance. I have a HUGE pile of medical "stuff" that I am looking to donate to a place in Cleveland that will re-furbish it and put it to good use! Also got a pile of eye-glasses ready for the Lions Club and have made several stops at Save-n-Serve! Such a good feeling to get stuff out of the house that can be put to another use!
Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Our Mystery Trip turned out to be a lot of fun. Our first stop was in Middleburg Heights at the Olive Garden for supper, which was close to our hotel. Very surprised when 2 people from our church sat down at the table beside us! They were going on a mini-vacation too! After a delicious meal, we went to our hotel and got Scott settled in for the night and the kids and I took off for Strongsville Mall! If you've never been to that mall, you really should go soon, we LOVE it! Then we hit the huge Border's across the road. Saturday morning, we got up, at breakfast at Perkin's, then traveled into Cleveland (as if we don't go there often enough) and enjoyed the Air Show! Hot, but with a nice breeze and I enjoyed a yummy deep-fried Snicker's Bar! A lot like a corn dog, but with a much tastier center! :) Back to the hotel to rest, but the kids and I headed for the mall and Border's again.....we love books!

Sunday took us to Cleveland once again. This time it was The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! That place could capture your attention for hours or even days! We spent several hours there, then decided it was time to head for Holmes County. With Scott's scooter along, we were able to have a great time and he didn't have to worry about falling!

Monday at home for me, included canning pizza sauce, mowing the lawn and getting our 3 fountains mucked out! If you have a fountain, you know this is a necessary evil to keep them running nicely. I ran a couple errands after supper and came home to find that Scott had fallen. Poor guy fell on his ramp trying to come into the house. It had rained a little bit and he slipped and crashed onto his bad knee.......cut the knee and caused EXTREME pain. At this point he cannot put any weight or even any ice on the knee. Using a walker again. Felt so bad for him, but at least we had a fun weekend.

On another note, I will be taking Chris to Strongsville to the ortho Dr. on Wednesday. On Thursday he fell while skateboarding which took us to the local ER. He is in a splint for now, but it appears his wrist may be broken again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


September 3, 1999.....any clue where you were or what you were doing??? For this family, I'm sure none of us will ever forget where we were when we got "the call". It's been 10 years since Scott had his accident and some days it doesn't seem possible that so many years have passed us by. Other times, I'm sure it's been at least 10 times that many years. We never had a clue that life would throw this curve at us, yet we have embraced it and gone on with smiles and laughter (most of the time) in a life that many can never imagine. If I ever get my book finished, you will be able to get a glimpse of what we have gone thru and continue to go thru each and every day. Life is good and I wouldn't change where we are now. Our faith is much stronger and I think we've leared a lot of lessons that life had to teach. To us, this is the new normal, but to others it seems hard. It's funny at times, and maddening at times, but this is who we are!

This weekend I have planned a Mystery Trip! We will leave on Friday when the kids get home from school and will return on Sunday. If you're planning a cook out, save us some food! No one but me knows where we are going, and I can't tell you yet! Check back next week and I'll fill you in!

Remember, Life is Good! and God is Awesome!