Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This is our crazy, strong willed cat Simon! You never know where you will find him, or what he will be up to next. Some days it takes a LOT of patience to keep up with him!

This is our new set of wheels! Our 2005 Durango was totalled when a neighbor on his tractor turned into me as he was attempting to turn into his driveway! But we were both o.k. and that was the most important thing!

Check out the table favors we had at Christmas this year! I thought they were really cute! Thankfully I had a couple teens help me out as I made 25 of them!

The days at the Beck house have been full of fun, laughter and family! Erica was home from college for several weeks and that made for extra craziness! We loved having her home, but the return was hard on her and on me. So I decided to mail her a little "sweetness"! The bottle is filled with candy. One is on the way to Hesston to her boyfriend too! I love mailing the oddest things I can find....adds to the fun!

These are just a few of the crazy things that have been going on at our house! Sorry I haven't kept up with the posts lately, but maybe after you see what's been keeping me busy, you'll forgive me!

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