Monday, November 14, 2011


Back and forth we go...on the road again! But loving every minute of it!!!! As we travel, I always try to look at the odd and different things that some may not take the time to see....such as shingles on rooftops, goofy looking drivers, deco in yards, and the list goes on! As we travel back and forth to Virginia, I always hope to see a bear!!!! A real live, in the wild bear, not one in a zoo, but one living free!!! One of the last trips to Virginia, Erica and I took a drive up on the Skyline Drive and I finally got my wish!!! One jumped off the bank, ran in front of the vehicle coming at us! I hit the breaks and yelled, "It's a bear....get the freaking camera!" As you will see in the picture, Erica managed to get a picture of his butt, but....that's more than I had before! ;)

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